SQP Code of Practice and Guidance for RAMAs (SQPs)

The DEFRA SQP Code of Practice is issued by the Secretary of State under the Veterinary Medicines Regulations. It sets down the standards that must be complied with by AMTRA, by RAMAs who are registered with AMTRA having passed the required examinations and who may therefore supply veterinary medicinal products classified as POM-VPS and NFA-VPS, and by retail businesses with premises that are registered to be able to hold and supply veterinary medicinal products.

All RAMAs are required to abide by the current version of the Code of Practice, to abide by the Veterinary Medicines Regulations taking account of VMD's Veterinary Medicines Guidance Notes, and to act in a professional manner.

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SQP Code of Practice

The current SQP Code of Practice that AMTRA RAMAs must follow is that dated April 2017. AMTRA RAMA assessments are always based upon the Code of Practice currently in force.

The full text of the Code is available as a PDF file:

See also the inspection criteria, below, that were formerly published as part of the Code.

VMD guidance

In addition to abiding by the terms of the Code of Practice, RAMAs should follow the VMD's guidance, notably that offered on Retail of veterinary medicines (December 2018) - also in the front of the AMTRA RAMA Compendium.

Other guidance notes may also be of relevance and should be studied - see the full VMD list on the gov.uk website.

Inspection criteria
Guidance on responsible use of medicines
Pharmacovigilance (adverse events)
Other notes and guidance