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AMTRA, home of Registered Animal Medicines Advisors - our name for SQPs

AMTRA (Animal Medicines Training Regulatory Authority) is a not-for-profit organisation, working since 1986 to support the long term future of the Registered Animal Medicines Advisor (RAMA/SQP) sector, managing the registration for about 7000 AMTRA RAMAs/SQPs.

AMTRA is appointed by the Secretary of State to keep its Register of SQPs...

RAMAs (Registered Animal Medicines Advisors, or SQPs) prescribe and/or supply certain veterinary medicines, acting professionally, following the rules of the Regulations and the SQP Code of Practice. They have an important and responsible role, contributing to animal health and, in the case of farm livestock, farm profitability.

Drop-in sessions are now scheduled for the rest of 2024's exams. They are aimed at candidates sitting exams in that exam round, and trainers and others supporting such individuals.

An exam drop-in session is for questions regarding the Systems Access Test; technical specifications for your laptop; exam day process etc. It is not a revision session and will not cover modular content.

Starting in January 2025, this first of its kind Diploma in Animal Medicines Advice is the only formal post-registration qualification for RAMAs (SQPs). It allows candidates to build on their academic credits achieved during their RAMA/SQP training, and develop additional skills and knowledge to further enhance their expertise. The course comprises a range of modules for delegates to choose from.

New Veterinary Medicines Regulations come into force on 17 May. AMTRA has developed a quick reference overview to highlight some of the key updates relevant to SQPs/RAMAs, including a new requirement for POM-VPS medicines to record the reason for prescribing the product.

Read also our CPD module on the new Veterinary Medicines Regulations and gain 2 AMTRA CPD points.

Did you know that all AMTRA RAMAs/SQPs can claim part of their overall target from CPD which is not AMTRA-accredited but which supports the AMTRA RAMA role. Such CPD is subject to self-reflection, and must be claimed via the AMTRA website.

The AMTRA website hosts a growing range of CPD, with modules relevant to all classes of RAMA/SQP. Get immediate feedback, and if you gain the pass mark, your points will be added immediately. From companion animal nutrition, horse passports, sheep dipping, pharmacovigilance, lungworm in cattle, a refresher on the rules on prescription and supply, and more, there's something for everyone.

With between 6000 and 7000 AMTRA RAMAs/SQPs, they work in a huge range of roles. Meet some of them and hear about their work...

Most people want to take exams online at work or at home - it's easy and convenient. But we also offer occasional on-campus exams at Harper Adams University, both online (on University equipment with someone there to help), and via traditional pen-and-paper with in-person invigilation. We are committed to offering choice so you can pick what works for you.

Becoming an SQP - an AMTRA RAMA - starts with enroling as a candidate with AMTRA. There is a significant commitment in terms of learning.

Our Base, Companion, Avian and Vet Nurse modules are at Higher Education Level 4; our Equine and Farm modules are at Level 5, reflecting AMTRA's commitment to standards and the quality of prescribers on AMTRA's Register.

The process of becoming an AMTRA RAMA/SQP is simple and starts with registering with AMTRA as a candidate...

If you know your AMTRA number (or have been set up by AMTRA with an employer user-ID) then click here to Login, and you can check your CPD points, check your exam status, or see your contact details and update them if needed. Or if you have forgotten your password, please click here to reset your password.

If you’re already familiar with the system of becoming an AMTRA RAMA or SQP, and are just looking for a particular form, you can find them all in one place on our forms page.

AMTRA Forms to Download