Your Council Representatives

The AMTRA Council includes a number of RAMAs/SQPs who are there to represent the RAMA/SQP population on Council, bringing both their personal knowledge and experience, but also able to act as an alternative route to the AMTRA staff and office-holders with ideas on how we could do things even better.

If you have questions or concerns or proposals for AMTRA, then of course do contact the AMTRA office. But if you would like to contact your representatives, please do so:

Cara Baillie (VN representative)
Diane Gilby (equine representative)
Stella Kendall (companion animal representative)
Melissa Ratcliff (companion animal representative)
Leah Spiers (farm animal representative)
Helen Walker (farm animal representative)
Gary Whyte (farm animal representative)

We would be keen to here from any further RAMAs/SQPs from the companion, equine and veterinary practice sectors who would be interested in supporting the work of Council - please get in touch with Stephen Dawson at AMTRA to discuss.