Responsible Use of Medicines

All AMTRA RAMAs are required to abide by the current version of the RAMA Code of Practice, to abide by the Veterinary Medicines Regulations taking account of VMD’s guidance – notably the guidance for retailers but also the other guidance they issue. AMTRA RAMAs are also expected to act more broadly in a professional manner, and take account of guidance from AMTRA.

AMTRA is required under the Veterinary Medicines Regulations to ‘‘take appropriate action in accordance with any disciplinary code that applies to that body if a suitably qualified person registered with it does not comply with the Code of Practice’’.

Every time a RAMA prescribes a POM-VPS medicine, the RAMA must take into account the responsible use of medicines (paragraph 30 of the RAMA Code of Practice).

In the case of anthelmintic products for sheep and cattle, RAMAs should follow the recommendations of SCOPS and COWS (paragraph 36 of the RAMA Code of Practice). Both organisations have further helpful guidance beyond just anthelmintics, including information aimed at farmers that could be useful for RAMAs in discussions with customers.

Other useful resources: