AMTRA forms

In the various pages of this website, we’ve linked to the relevant forms in context. As an alternative means of accessing them for those who are familiar with the system and just need the forms, this page brings together all the AMTRA forms in one place, but without the explanatory background.

Online forms - The easiest way to enrol:

RAMA SQP Enrolment STANDARD – to enrol anyone (other than a registered veterinary nurse) as a student AMTRA RAMA/SQP. This must be done before an exam is booked.

RAMA SQP Enrolment VETERINARY NURSE – to enrol a registered veterinary nurse as a student AMTRA RAMA/SQP. This must be done before an exam is booked.

Paper forms to download and return to AMTRA:


RAMA (SQP) student enrolment form to print and return.

Or complete the online form.

To enrol any person with AMTRA as a student RAMA (SQP). This must be done before an exam is booked.

Easier On-Line Enrolment

A02-Upgrades Enrolment

To enrol for module(s) additional to those for which the individual was originally enrolled.

A03-Exam Booking

To book for written assessments and/or the viva (oral) exam. An enrolment form must have been submitted first (or can be submitted at the same time). [This form is also in the training manual of every RAMA (SQP).].

A06-Revalidation viva

To book for a revalidation viva, used to demonstrate ongoing competency for those returning after an extended absence or by those who didn't gain enough CPD points

A08-Withdrawal and Transfer

For a student RAMA (SQP) withdrawing within twelve months who wishes to transfer their enrolment to another candidate.

A09-CPD Vet Nurse Claim

For Veterinary Nurses and Pharmacy Professionals to claim additional AMTRA CPD points for CPD undertaken as part of their other professional obligations.

A10-CPD Target Reduction Claim

For RAMAs (SQPs) who have been absent (e.g. on maternity leave or long-term sick leave) for more than 6 months in the current CPD period and wish to apply for a reduction in their CPD points target.

A11-CPD Accreditation Application

For providers of CPD to apply to AMTRA for accreditation of their seminar or distance learning material.

A13-CPD Higher Education/Further Education Claim

For RAMAs (SQPs) who have gained Higher Education or Further Education (at level 3 or above) qualifications relevant to their RAMA role to claim additional AMTRA CPD points in recognition of gaining those qualifications.

VMD Retailer Premises Application

To apply to VMD for approval of premises to retail supply veterinary medicinal products by SQPs (RAMAs). See premises page for more.