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Massive boost in AMTRA SQP student registrations, regulatory body AMTRA confirms

Record increases as businesses invest in registered veterinary medicines advisors

Record numbers of new student registrations, and a continued growth in qualified AMTRA SQP numbers across farm, equine and pet sectors, has been announced by regulatory body AMTRA. The figures include the second-highest intake of new student AMTRA SQPs ever, in a single quarter.

The results, announced at the end of the first quarter of the financial year, demonstrate the importance SQP registered premises and retailers are now placing on employing in-house, professional veterinary medicines advisors.

“Business investment in registered veterinary medicines advisors continues to grow,” explains Stephen Dawson, secretary general of AMTRA. “We have seen 368 new student AMTRA SQPs enrol in the first quarter of 2019. This is the second highest ever, and the highest quarterly figure for eight years.”

The figures reflect the hard-work that goes on in the background by the team at AMTRA, and its partners, in developing a syllabus and CPD that is relevant, robust and yet responsive to changing demands. Working with educational partner Harper Adams University, AMTRA offers a flexible qualification process across a wide range of exam centres.

The increase in new student AMTRA SQPs is further boosted by a continued growth in the overall number of qualified AMTRA SQPs, with record numbers in veterinary practices, farming and pet stores.

“We are equally encouraged by the continued growth in overall qualified AMTRA SQP numbers,” says Mr Dawson. “We have now reached above 2500 farm SQPs, a significant increase when you consider we had just 1500, only ten years ago.

“The companion animal sector also continues to recognise the importance of holding a professional, registered qualification in veterinary medicines advice. At the same period ten years ago, we had just 700 AMTRA SQPs for the pet sector. Today, we have also reached a figure of over 2500,” he adds.

Holding AMTRA SQP qualified status demonstrates to animal owners, farmers and others involved in the purchase and supply of veterinary medicines that they are dealing with a registered professional, with the ability to advise, prescribe and supply medicines for the best treatment for that animal, herd or flock.

“Underlining their role as veterinary medicines advisors supports the rigorous qualifications AMTRA SQPs hold, promotes the fact they are qualified professionals, and will raise awareness of the skills and advice they can offer,” adds Mr Dawson. “Ultimately, this will also bring tangible benefits to the business in which the AMTRA SQP operates.”