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AMTRA introduces compulsory farm CPD

AMTRA has announced that the current CPD period, which began in July, will include some compulsory CPD for farm animal Registered Animal Medicines Advisors (RAMAs), with a focus on anthelmintic resistance, supporting industry-wide efforts to raise awareness of one of the biggest challenges for the sector.

Managing parasite control for food producing animals is a critical part of the role of the farm-animal RAMA. Understanding anthelmintic resistance, and how it impacts on choices in parasite control strategies, is therefore a key part of the prescribing process for these RAMAs, and is factored into much of the of the CPD that AMTRA RAMAs undertake in each two-year cycle.

Stephen Dawson, AMTRA secretary general explains, “We feel this change brings real benefits, both in terms of consistency of the CPD RAMAs undertake, and how we can explain that to the wider world. We must continue to ensure RAMA knowledge is refreshed and enhanced in an area that has serious repercussions to the future health and profitability of the farm-animal sector.”

The CPD in question gains extra points, earning 10 points per hour rather than 4 to 8 points per hour typically given to other CPD. All farm RAMAs must gain at least 24 points of enhanced farm CPD by the end of the current CPD period, running through until 30 June 2023.

Those not gaining the required 24 points by 30 June 2023 will lose the farm-animal element of their AMTRA registration. If they are a ‘farm-animal only RAMA’, they will lose their overall AMTRA registration.

 “We were keen to find a solution which brings benefits without imposing burdens, and have now written to all farm RAMAs and employers to let them know what is required. The feedback we have had has been supportive which hopefully shows the RAMA population understands the reasons for the new obligation” adds Mr Dawson.

He explains, “There are currently 24 enhanced farm CPD points available from AMTRA on sheep parasite control with a focus on resistance. Additional material, including on cattle, will be added during the CPD period, so that RAMAs can make personal decisions about which CPD is most relevant to them.”

Full details on the compulsory farm CPD can be found here