News from AMTRA

Harper Adams/AMTRA exams

The first AMTRA in-person exams at Harper Adams University in nearly three years took place last week. This hosted exam complements the main online AMTRA exams and gives candidates and employers an alternative choice, though we expect most people will continue to sit the exams at home or work.

We know historically that all exams were in person, taken with pen and paper. The move to online has saved significant costs and time from travelling, and we are delighted to see that they have a significantly higher successful completion rate than the old-fashioned pen and paper.

The online exams, which are now the main focus, have gone from strength to strength, and Harper Adams and AMTRA continue to learn from experience and feedback from candidates to make sure the processes are clear and successfully completed, and that administrative approaches are modified too. 

A range of changes, some small, some more significant, have been made, cumulatively making the system ever more accessible and driving up the success rate to new highs, with 283 successful completions in the most recent batch.

Training has moved online as well and with an enhanced Virtual Learning Environment continuing to grow in its offering to support students. Harper Adams are investing heavily in this with additional video guides and example questions from past papers that all AMTRA registered students can access. 

New guidance for employers and for trainers is well advanced and will continue to be reviewed in response to feedback and experience.

The next online exam date is 15-19 May: good luck to everyone currently getting ready for these. 

More information on exams and the exam process is available on the AMTRA website. Dates for written exams through to the end of 2024 will be available very shortly: we regularly add future viva (oral) exam dates as needed to match demand.