News from AMTRA

AMTRA Renewal fees due

Regulatory body AMTRA, which manages the registration for around 7000 Registered Animal Medicines Advisors (RAMAs/SQPs), sent information on renewals to all RAMAs by email or post in mid-October.

For the 2024 period, the renewal fees have increased slightly from previous years; for farm-animal RAMAs (those with the letters R, G, K or L in their prefix), the renewal fee for 2024 will be £63. For all other RAMAs (those with the letters, C, E, J or A in their prefix), the renewal fee will be £58.

Renewal fees are due by the end of November, and AMTRA has reminded RAMAs that a late payment fee of £75 is charged across the board for all RAMA categories, for those who renew after 30 November 2023. If payment is still not received by the end of the year (31 December 2023), a reinstatement fee of £85 is payable, in order to return to the AMTRA Register. 

AMTRA is now offering the opportunity to pay by Direct Debit, which will remove the burden of remembering to pay each Autumn, and may, in some cases, avoid reinstatement fees, as well as guaranteeing the discounts available for prompt payment.

AMTRA also reminds RAMAs that a discount of £2 per person was available in October, or a discount of £1 in November, to those paying by the due date via the AMTRA website. This applies to individuals, as well as smaller businesses paying for multiple RAMAs, and larger businesses managing RAMAs’ renewals on their behalf.

AMTRA RAMAs may also notice that the plastic ID cards have been replaced by a certificate, issued digitally alongside confirmation of renewal, once this has been paid. RAMAs are encouraged to display these certificates at their place of work. 

If you have any questions regarding the renewals process or your fees, or if you haven’t received your renewals letter by post or email, please contact the AMTRA office.