News from AMTRA

VMD AMTRA semiannual review meeting

Chief Executive Stephen Dawson and Deputy Chief Executive Hillary Cowley met with Lee Grist Head of the VMD Distribution and Supply Chain.   

Several topics were discussed including planned changes to exams and the transition to Multiple-Choice Questions only for level 4 assessments (Base, VN, Avian and CA modules) - associated with revised exam structures and increased pass marks. 

The latest revision of the syllabus and training manual which is currently underway was talked though. The VMD will provide topline feedback where relevant.  The VMD have provided feedback on recommendations for updates in the legislation section of the base module. 

AMTRA outlined its plans for SQP audits and the desire to collaborate with the VMD and augment VMD inspections of premises with these. 

AMTRA discussed the review of CPD recording and participation and plans adapt this to include a proportion of reflective CPD similar to that of the RCVS. 

Since this meeting the government response on the revised Veterinary Medicines Regulations consultation has been published and AMTRA is pleased that the VMD have listened and responded positively to issues raised including those on prescribing categories for immunologicals, as well as their stance on advertising.   AMTRA continues to be proactive on all matters relevant to SQPs and the VPS categorisation of medicines and will use its voice accordingly.  AMTRA will obtain relevant feedback from stakeholders including the AMTRA Council.