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VMD Medicines Update: Dec/Jan

This medicines update is provided by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) and lists new active substances, new marketing authorisations and changes to authorisations most relevant to vets and SQPs for POM-VPS medicines.

The VMD publish 6 months’ worth of medicines update information on their VMD connect website

Their website enhances the guidance and services already available on and provides a deeper insight into the work of the VMD. 

New medicines update resource: a rolling 6-month of summaries of changes of new marketing authorisations and changes to existing authorisations that relate to the safe use of the product is at You can find it under the 'vet practice & supply' tab at the top of the page.  

RAMAs/SQPs, vets and other prescribers and para-professionals can access links directly to updated SPCs and easily pass on publicly available information to clients. 

Please do check the site for relevant updates. 

Also see the VMD’s Product Information Database for more information on products. This includes separate links for the authorisation territories of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 

Please note, there may be a delay between the issuing of a marketing authorisation and the product being placed on the market.  

For Dec23 and Jan24 the following are relevant to SQPs: 

Cydectin 0.1% w/v Oral Solution for Sheep 
Zoetis UK Limited, GB & NI, POM-VPS 

Section 4.4: Updated to reflect current antimicrobial resistance data.  

Section 4.9: Underdosing could result in ineffective use and may favour resistance development. ?If animals are to be treated collectively, reasonably homogeneous groups should be set up, and all animals of a group should be dosed at the rate corresponding to the heaviest one.  

Section 5.1: Resistance to moxidectin is mediated in part by membrane transporter P-glycoproteins, and cross resistance with other macrocyclic lactones is possible.  

Equest Pramox 19.5 mg/g + 121.7 mg/g Oral Gel [Horses] 

Zoetis UK Limited, GB & NI, POM-VPS

Section 4.6: Digestive discomfort (colic, loose stool) has been observed in very rare cases based on post-marketing surveillance data.