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Brand new CPD module: Lungworm Dictyocaulus viviparus in Cattle by Mark Pass

AMTRA is delighted to launch a brand new CPD module: Lungworm Dictyocaulus viviparus in Cattle by Mark Pass, adapted from Mark’s paper ‘It’s a lung story’.

In this newly launched CPD module, Mark, a former winner of the AMTRA SQP of the year award and an OTC Gold Standard SQP, provides RAMAs with important guidance and insight into bovine lungworm, which has long been recognised as a serious risk to cattle and a cause of potentially fatal disease. It is not only a serious welfare concern but also a notable economic issue. Mark’s CPD highlights the important role RAMAs/SQPs can play by making contact with the farm’s vet at the point of giving advice, as well as their wider role in working with farmers on health management strategies.

AMTRA CEO, Stephen Dawson, says: “We are hugely grateful to Mark Pass for authoring this important piece of CPD for our AMTRA RAMAs.

“It is essential that RAMAs understand the clinical and economic significance of lungworm and although RAMAs must not and cannot diagnose this condition, they can play a vital role in recognising the symptoms and can then make contact with the farm’s vet at the point of giving advice.”

Mark Pass, says: “I am so pleased to be able to create this important CPD module for AMTRA. As an experienced RAMA myself, I know only too well the important role RAMAs can play in developing and implementing livestock health management strategies with farmers.

There is an increasing concern that lungworm disease is rising in prevalence, with management becoming more challenging, so this CPD module is very timely and RAMAs can play a key role in working with farmers to discuss the implementation of a parasite plan and grazing management.”

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