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AMTRA response to the release of the latest National Action Plan on AMR

The government has announced its new national action plan (8 May 2024) on antimicrobial resistance to protect people and animals from the risk of drug-resistant infections.

AMTRA Chief Executive, Stephen Dawson, says:AMTRA welcomes the publication of the latest National Action Plan. We are delighted to see the commitment and the investment in AMR. 

“AMTRA encourages all our registered SQPs to continue to advise on good husbandry practices, which includes vaccination, nutrition and management that reduces the risk of immune suppression, infestation and infection and thus, reduces the need to use antimicrobials including anthelmintics and simultaneously improve welfare. Our AMTRA SQPs are reminded of the opportunities to use FECs and other identification techniques to inform sound prescribing practices and optimise the use of antimicrobials including anthelmintics, preserving the longevity of these precious medicines.”

For more details visit: New 5-year plan to combat antimicrobial resistance – GOV.UK (