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OvertheCounter offering regular fresh CPD to all RAMAs

OvertheCounter has been working with AMTRA from the very beginning of the CPD requirement, and continues to offer a wide range of CPD for all RAMAs, with several new modules in each issue of the magazine.

Doing those that are relevant to you in each issue provides a good foundation and over the two-year CPD period will get you a long way towards meeting your minimum point target.

In addition to the new modules each issue of the magazine, OvertheCounter offer an extensive library of CPD in the training hub on their website –

At the time of writing this comprises:

24 Companion modules

11 Equine modules

43 Livestock modules

8 AMTRA and other general modules

If you are not getting your copy of OvertheCounter, it is probably because you’ve opted out of AMTRA sharing your data with third parties (or perhaps because you’ve changed address and haven’t told us). You can check your data sharing choices by logging in to the AMTRA website, where you can also update your contact details.