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Coronavirus: temporary change of premises

In addition to the change to allow remote prescribing and authorisation of supply, communicated last week, VMD have also advised that, effective immediately, and until at least 31 May 2020, there are two further changes to enforcement policy.

First, a RAMA/SQP will be allowed to supply veterinary medicines from temporary premises when access to the currently authorised SQP retailer premises is limited or no longer possible.

This relaxation of enforcement policy (the Regulations themselves haven’t changed) is conditional upon following the following:

The owner of the SQP retailer must, by email, notify the VMD of the address of the premises they are temporarily working from. This notice must include:

a. the full address(es) and post code(s);

b. the existing SQP retailer registration number;

c. details of the storage arrangements for their medicines at the temporary premises.

Additional information must be provided to the VMD on request. Upon receipt of a confirmation email from the VMD which acknowledges receipt of the above information, the SQP retailer may proceed to supply veterinary medicines from the temporary premises.

Second, an additional change allows wholesalers to deliver to such premises – details can be found below:

VMD temporary enforcement policy – temporary premises