News from AMTRA

AMTRA supports new promotion of SQPs as Animal Medicine Advisors

Independent regulatory authority AMTRA is launching a new campaign to raise the professional and public profile of SQPs.

With over 6000 SQPs (Suitably Qualified Persons) working across the companion animal, farming and equine sectors, these qualified professionals offer free and impartial advice on issues such as resistance, responsible use and improved health.

The campaign – to be headlined ‘Ask an SQP – your Animal Medicines Advisor’ will get fully underway in the autumn and is aimed at pulling the whole industry behind increasing the understanding of their work.

“We need to make SQPs more visible, and to improve understanding of their role among animal owners,” explains Stephen Dawson, secretary general of AMTRA.

“Underlining their role as animal medicines advisors supports the rigorous qualifications they hold, promotes the fact they are fully qualified professionals, and will raise public awareness of the skills and free and impartial advice they can offer.”

“Animal owners should expect to be asked questions by their animal medicines advisor, or SQP. That’s how SQPs make sure the right medicine is chosen, and that the owner knows how to use it safely and for maximum efficacy.”

  1. Around half of the total number of SQPs work in the companion animal sector, with 800 employed in veterinary practices; 800 work in equine businesses and the remaining 2400 in country stores or agricultural businesses.