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Elections – could it be you?

You may have had your fill of elections for the moment, but perhaps now it’s your turn to make your voice heard more directly. 

The AMTRA Council advises the AMTRA Board and secretariat on a range of issues that impact you as SQPs/Registered Animal Medicines Advisors (RAMAs), and to make sure your voice is heard we have a number of your representatives on Council.

Could one of them be you?

We currently have six SQP representatives on Council: Andrew Pattison, Craig Smith, David Taylor, Kirsty McGovern, Sharon Groves and Alison Holloway. AMTRA is really grateful to them for helping give a voice to SQPs and bringing their experience and hopefully your views to discussions.

As the terms of the current representatives have come to an end, we are looking for two farm-animal SQPs, an equine SQP, two companion-animal SQPs, and a veterinary nurse SQP, so we need your help in offering yourself or perhaps suggesting the role to a colleague. It’s a great opportunity to help make sure the rest of us in AMTRA understand things from an SQP perspective. What needs fixing, how could we do things better, what do we need to do that we aren’t doing?

The Council meets in London normally four times a year, with expenses paid. There will be occasional requests for feedback from the AMTRA office in between meetings, and you would need to be prepared to talk with individual SQPs who want to approach you, though experience suggests that doesn’t happen all that often. Potentially there could be more – it’s open to candidates to make what they want of the role.

If you might be interested, please get in touch with Stephen Dawson at the AMTRA office as soon as possible ([email protected] or 01359 245801). If there are more people than positions, we will have a vote towards the end of January.