AMTRA Payment terms and conditions

1. In these terms and conditions the following words will bear the following meaning:

a. AMTRA means the Animal Medicines Training Regulatory Authority Ltd of 1c Windmill Avenue, Woolpit, Bury St Edmunds, IP30 9UP.

b. RAMA means a Registered Animal Medicines Advisor, that is to say a Suitably Qualified Person as defined in the Veterinary Medicines Regulations

c. Student RAMA means an individual studying to become a RAMA having enrolled as such with AMTRA

d. Student RAMA enrolment means the process of applying and paying for registration as a RAMA student

e. Annual RAMA renewal means the process of applying and paying for inclusion on the subsequent calendar year's AMTRA Register

f. Reinstatement means the process of applying and paying for inclusion on the current year's AMTRA Register by an individual who did not successfully undertake annual RAMA renewal by 30 November of the preceding calendar year

2. Payments for services provided by AMTRA including annual RAMA renewal and student RAMA enrolment are non-refundable and non-transferable except in the circumstances below: a. where duplicate payment is made for the same service and AMTRA is notified within 30 days, a full refund will be given; b. where an individual is enrolled as a student RAMA and a request is made to AMTRA within six months to transfer that enrolment to another individual, the transfer may be made on payment of a £75 administration fee and on receipt of signed confirmation from the original student RAMA.

3. Save as provided under clause 2, no refund is payable in respect of individuals who cease to be active as RAMAs or cease to study to become RAMAs for whatever reason including but not limited to change in role within a company, change of employer, death, removal or suspension by AMTRA from the Register under Constitutional Framework document CF1.

4. Payments for annual RAMA renewal or reinstatement are made for the calendar year in question and no reduction is permitted in respect of part-years.

5. Fees for annual RAMA renewal and reinstatement and for student RAMA enrolment shall be set by the AMTRA Board taking into account the recommendation of the AMTRA Council. Details of the fees may be found on the AMTRA website.

6. On receipt of valid application and payment for annual RAMA renewal or reinstatement, the RAMA will be renewed or reinstated on the AMTRA Register within 10 working days.

7. On receipt of valid application and payment for student RAMA enrolment, the individual will be enrolled as a student and a written training manual dispatched to the address provided by courier within 10 working days.

8. AMTRA reserves the right to charge a supplementary fee for student RAMAs who choose to sit their RAMA examinations more than 24 months after the date of enrolment. Enrolment with AMTRA as a RAMA student shall cease 60 months after enrolment or 60 months after the last examination attempt, whichever is later.

9. In enrolling as a student RAMA or undertaking the annual RAMA renewal individuals accept to abide by the current version of the Code of Practice for SQPs which may be amended from time to time and to accept that actual, supposed or claimed transgressions by a RAMA which might constitute a breach of professional standards or contravene the Code of Practice will be dealt with by AMTRA under Constitutional Framework document CF1.

10. AMTRA holds such data about RAMAs and RAMA students as may be necessary to perform AMTRA's duties as a body appointed by the Secretary of State under the Veterinary Medicines Regulations to keep a register of Suitably Qualified Persons. The uses to which AMTRA may put such data are described in AMTRA's data protection statement which may be found on the AMTRA website.