More about the assessments

Separate sittings

AMTRA has in the past charged an additional fee if you choose to take your initial written modules (i.e. those for which you initially enrol) spread over more than week. This fee is currently suspended, but may be reintroduced in future – if so, this will not be retrospective for those who have already booked their written assessments.


If you fail a written module or the viva, you may re-sit (for a fee). We will normally allow a maximum of four attempts at any module or viva.

If you are booking a re-sit, please ensure you send the fee with the exam booking form. (See also the full note on re-sits under "Your results".)

Withdrawal/cancellation fees

You must tell AMTRA at least 4 weeks in advance if you wish to withdraw from an exam, otherwise a withdrawal fee will be charged (payable at the time of re-booking). This is currently £80.

Before we introduced this fee, about 17% of RAMA exam candidates withdrew from exams at short notice (within four weeks of the exam), or simply failed to turn up. This imposes significant administrative burdens on AMTRA and Harper Adams, and where exams fill up means that other candidates are turned away and also sometimes reduces the viability of courses run by colleges. Additionally, Harper Adams and thus AMTRA are charged by the IT company that hosts the online exams, regardless of whether you turn up.

Note that cancellation/withdrawal includes substituting one individual for another within the same company.

Although the fee is a cancellation/withdrawal fee, it is payable upon re-booking for a fresh exam.

Exceptional circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis but these should be exceptional – for instance, candidates should allow for traffic delays, and should have made suitable checks in advance of computer equipment. Applications for consideration of exceptional circumstances should be made in writing to the AMTRA Chief Executive.

These fees were introduced for all exams from 1 January 2015. At the same time, enrolment fees were reduced by £5 with a view to making the net financial effect of these changes zero.

Candidates with additional support needs

Do you have a disability or specific learning difficulty that could impact on your AMTRA RAMA assessments? Harper Adams are able to make reasonable adjustments for you, if you let them know in advance and certainly no later than six weeks before your exam, as they may not be able to assist you if they have less than six weeks' notice.

Assistance with the examinations, usually in the form of extra time, can only be given to candidates who produce written proof of requirement, e.g. full dyslexia documentation from an educational psychologist.

If you do not have any documentary evidence, you may take an online Dyslexia test.

The cost is currently £34.50 which is paid on the website at the time of taking the test. You will register online, pay the fee and take the test. When you get the results, forward them to Harper Adams at [email protected]

Please help Harper Adams to assist you with the assessments, by telling them a long time in advance of your requirements and any reasonable adjustments they can make to your learning experience.

Any disclosure you make will be between yourself and Harper Adams University. No details will be discussed with your employer or any third party.