Your Results

It normally takes around seven weeks for you to receive your Harper Adams written assessment results – please be patient. Occasionally for a particular assessment we may need up to ten weeks in which case we will make this clear on our website.

AMTRA will normally provide your viva result much more quickly, and separately from your written assessment result.

The reason it can take this long for your written assessments is that your exam papers have first to be marked, and in some cases second-marked, then referred to a Board meeting of Harper Adams University for them to be formally adopted. These meetings take place approximately monthly but can be at longer intervals. After the Board meeting, any queries need to be resolved, the results need to be signed off internally within Harper Adams, and then provided to AMTRA. We then need to process them and then write to you.

AMTRA and Harper Adams will write to you separately: AMTRA tells you about your professional status as an AMTRA RAMA, and Harper Adams about your academic status.

AMTRA will advise you whether you have become an AMTRA RAMA and if so which type (which will depend on which of the species modules you have passed). Harper Adams will write to you separately with your precise results in each module.

Although AMTRA and Harper Adams normally try to coordinate our communications, occasionally there may be a short gap. Please do not contact either Harper or AMTRA seeking any “missing” communication until a week after you’ve received the results from one of us.

We will not give out results over the telephone – we will write to you at the home address you’ve supplied to us, and follow up with a notification by email that your results are available on our website.
To be on the AMTRA Register, you must have passed:
  • the Base module, and
  • at least one species module (i.e. farm animal, equine, companion animal or avian), and
  • where required, the viva (oral exam) – the viva must have been passed within 24 months of the relevant written assessments. (See the section Changes to AMTRA Exams in 2024 and 2025 for changes from September 2024.)

Alternatively you must have passed the Veterinary Nurse module which is equivalent to passing the Base and Companion Animal modules, plus the AMTRA viva; or you must have passed the relevant modules of the Veterinary Pharmacy Education Programme or Companion Animal Life Care.

If you failed one or more species module, but still satisfy the minimum requirements above, you will still be a RAMA, but with a more restrictive classification. For instance, if you tried to become an all-species RAMA but only passed the base and farm animal modules and the viva, you will be an farm-animal-only RAMA, able to prescribe and supply for farm animals but not equines or companion animals.


If you failed some or all of the modules you may re-sit them a limited number of times on payment of the appropriate re-sit fee. It should be noted that the re-sit fees are higher than the equivalent fees included in the initial enrolment fee.

You may have a total of three attempts at each module, and exceptionally permission for a fourth attempt may be granted by Harper Adams. Note that AMTRA will normally consider four attempts the maximum allowed for written modules or the viva.

To book a re-sit, please complete and return an exam booking form with the appropriate fee.