How to book your AMTRA exam(s)

This may be managed for you if you work for a larger employer – check with them if in doubt.

  1. Go to the AMTRA website and check what dates are available. [Go to or on the "Candidates" menu select "Assessment Dates".]

    Make sure you are aware of the exam format for the exam block you're looking at – most written and viva exams are done online at home or work, but we highlight on our website a few which are done on campus at Harper Adams University (either on computers or with pen-and-paper).

    If you’re booking a viva, make sure there are still places showing as available by the time you send us the booking form.

  2. On the AMTRA website, download the latest version of the exam booking form. [Go to or on the "Candidates" menu select "AMTRA Forms to Download".]

  3. Make sure on the form you have selected all of the modules you want to book for – which may include several written modules and the viva (oral).

    Make sure you enter the actual date of each individual exam module you have chosen (and not the range for the week).

    Do not select "Avian" if you are enrolled to take the Farm module.

  4. Check whether you need to pay a fee along with the exam booking. If so, make sure to include card details (or a cheque) with your form.

    The exam booking form (and the fees listed) changes from time to time – always use the current version on our website. Forms returned with the wrong fee will be rejected and may miss the exam booking deadline.

  5. Send the form to us by email ([email protected]) or in the post.